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Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Deceased trees

Property damage

Tree felling

Leading Tree Removal in Michiana

Kevin’s Tree & Landscaping of Michiana Inc. has a highly skilled staff of professionals ready to service your tree removal needs whether for preventative tree care or emergency tree service.

While we are in the business of offering outstanding tree care, we understand there are situations when the need arises for a tree removal — such as property damage or deceased trees.

Leading Tree Removal in Michiana

Expert Staff & Tree Service

With expertly trained staff that meets the tree care industry’s standards, Kevin's Tree & Landscaping can remove your tree with the proper tools and equipment, while also taking care not to damage your lawn and landscaping. We want to make sure every job site is minimally impacted by our presence.

We promise that any resulting debris from the tree removal is picked up throughout the entire process so that your property will remain neat and tidy from start to finish.


Tree removals are a dangerous and serious matter and should only be performed by expert tree services in Michiana. Our professional crew is skilled and trained in proper tree felling techniques including crane operation, rigging, and roping. Kevin's Tree & Landscaping also utilizes heavy machinery as needed to make sure the job gets done right—efficiently and effectively removing your tree issues.

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