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Not only is your home one of your greatest investments, but so too are the things that surround it like trees and your landscaping. With so many things on your already long to-do list, tree trimming might not be one of them. But it is a very critical part of enhancing your curbside appeal and also keeping your home, and passersby safe from falling limbs. But tree trimming can sometimes be confusing. And knowing how much to trim and when to trim isn’t always straight forward. There are many benefits of hiring a tree trimming South Bend, Indiana service. Chief among them is taking the guesswork out of the entire process.

There are several different ways to trim trees. Each process is meant to do something different to enhance the health of your trees:

Fine Pruning

Fine pruning involves removing small limbs to improve the appearance of your tree. When you fine trim a tree, it gives it a more aesthetic appearance and helps it grow more shapely.

Standard Trimming

When you do a standard tree trim, you cut off any heavy tree limbs that are weighing the tree down. Standard trimming helps to ensure that tree limbs don’t break off, and it helps trees grow beautifully.

Hazard Trimming

When you have a branch that poses a risk either for passersby or to your home, then removal of a branch might be necessary. Hazard trimming involves removing branches that are two or more inches in diameter.

Crown Reduction Trimming

It is critical to remove branches that can pose a danger, especially during a storm. Crown reduction trimming is closely related to hazard trimming, and it is used when you notice the potential for a branch to cause damage if not addressed.

There are many benefits to tree trimming that include:

Keeping Trees Healthy

When you remove damaged branches, it allows the other branches of the tree to get more nutrients. And if you have branches that are diseased, by removing them, you can stop the spread of infection to other parts of the plant. When you remove branches that are damaged, you also strengthen the rest of the tree so that it can withstand storms without injury.

To Spot Signs of Trouble

Regularly trimming your trees will allow a specialist to spot signs of potential trouble before they become troublesome and jeopardize the tree. Early detection is the key to stopping the growth of any diseases to both the rest of the tree, or perhaps even to other trees nearby.

Trimming Enhances Aesthetics

A well-trimmed tree adds aesthetic appeal to your home and your surroundings. When tree limbs grow unevenly, there will be parts of the tree that flourish and others that won’t. A uniformly healthy tree just makes things look much nicer.

Prevent Damage

When tree limbs are left damaged and unchecked, it can predispose them to break off during a storm and hit pedestrians or your home. A tree that isn’t properly maintained can be a real risk! And losing a tree because it hasn’t been taken care of can be a significant expense too.


Trimming your trees will not only help to detect disease early, it is much less expensive than having to take a tree out and replace it, or having a disease spread and needing to replace multiple trees.

Keeping your trees well-trimmed is not only important for their health, it is important for your wallet. The small price that it costs to keep your trees maintained pales in comparison to removing them or replacing them. And nicely manicured landscaping enhances the overall curbside appeal of your home. To discuss how we can service your tree trimming South Bend, Indiana needs, contact Kevin’s Trees today!

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