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It is hard to believe that the holidays are well behind us and that spring is coming fast. If you didn’t get a chance to clean up outdoors before the fall weather turned to winter, now is the time for some TLC for your landscaping. Trees are not only essential for shade and aesthetics; they are an investment. If you want to ensure that the trees in your yard will make it through the spring and summer season, these are great spring preparation tips from your tree experts in South Bend.

Trimming is a MUST

One of the best tree tips for the spring is trimming! Trimming a tree is the best way to get rid of dying branches and limbs that are taking energy from the tree so that those resources can be used to strengthen the healthy parts. Trimming also is important for aesthetics and to help the tree grow balanced and strong. Finally, it will help for spring blooming and regrowth of new limbs to keep your tree hearty all year long.


Mulching is one of the best ways to keep your trees strong for the spring and summer months. By adding mulch around the base of the tree, you can lock moisture in, which your tree will need when the spring weather starts to heat up. It will also help to keep nutrients around the roots, where your tree can absorb them best. If you are going to go through the hassle of watering your trees during the spring and summer, locking the moisture in with mulch will ensure that your efforts are not wasted.

Water Around the Roots

Although we get a fair amount of rain in the spring, younger trees will probably need some supplementation for healthy growth. Make sure to wait until we have had our last frost, but it is never too early to start piling on the water to keep your tree from drying out. The best way to conserve and use water is to water your tree directly around the roots, so place your hose there and let the ground soak it up.

Inspect Your Trees

During the winter, your trees will lay dormant, but pests and diseases will not. Springtime is the best time to check your trees for signs of disease. If you notice that parts of your tree are not blooming the way the rest of it is, then that is probably a good sign that something is amiss and branches might need to be cut back. If it has been a while since you had tree experts in South Bend check the health of your landscaping, now is the perfect time to schedule an evaluation!

As we head into spring, now is a perfect time to be proactive and take care of your landscaping and trees. Springtime is when your trees will begin to bloom, but only if they are given the right care, nutrients, and attention. Spring is also the best time to inspect your trees for disease, so schedule your appointment with Kevin’s Trees today!