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As we head into spring, we are just beginning to see buds forming on the trees, which is making us all hope that the hot weather will soon be upon us. Trees and landscaping are a big investment, and our residential tree service in South Bend, IN often gets asked about whether it is best to plant new trees now or to wait until the frost is behind us in the summertime. Although there are many factors to consider and there is no guarantee that a tree planted at any time of the year will survive, in our region, colder is always going to be better.

What is the Best Time to Plant a New Tree?

When it comes to planting a tree with the best chance of survival, you need to consider factors such as the area, the amount of sunlight, and the soil conditions, but in terms of what time of year, we recommend that the best time to plant is when the temperatures are cooler. In Indiana, the most ideal time is the late winter to very early spring. But that’s not to say that you can’t plant during the spring to summer if you have already missed your opportunity in earlier weather.

Do It Now, Though!

Homeowners typically miss the ideal time, because who wants to get out and plant when the ground is frozen and so are the temperatures? The good news is that early spring is still a viable time to get your new tree in the ground with plenty of time before the hot weather hits. Summertime is the worst time to plant new trees because the weather can be brutally hot, which can lead to scorching and damage. Summer also has the highest risk of drought conditions, and new trees need plenty of moisture to survive and thrive. The colder months allow the development of a better and stronger root system, which helps trees make it through the strong spring showers.

Summertime is the Worst Time

If you aren’t able to plant a new tree before the hot summer hits, then it is best to wait until the fall to attempt it. In terms of threats, intense heat is the biggest enemy that a sapling can have, and it can lead to poor root development. Wintertime might seem as if there would be a lack of moisture, but even with the snow, the moisture stays in the soil, and the snow melting during the thaw is great for self-watering.

Whenever You Choose to Plant A New Tree, Maintenance is Required

Trees are not only costly; they also require maintenance. Sure, they survive in nature, but when you are investing, you don’t want to leave a tree’s survival to chance. Whenever you plant your tree, make sure that you pay close attention to watering, protecting it from extreme heat or cold, and prune it when necessary. If you are going to invest, it makes the most sense to have a professional residential tree service in South Bend, IN help. Not only does Kevin’s Trees know what optimal planting times and conditions are; if things go wrong, we are the service to call. Contact us to schedule your tree service today!