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As we roll quickly into spring, it is hard to believe that the snow and ice will soon give way to spring showers. Most of us will be happy to forget the cold weather and snow and ice to enjoy the warm summer sunshine, but like anything else, those who don’t remember the past are destined to repeat it. Examining what was missing this winter with your South Bend snow removal services now will help you make better choices next year when you sign up for another contract. This is a list of additional services that you might not have opted for, but definitely should consider next year.


As midwesterners, we are hardy and determined. We tend to think that things like having someone shovel for us is asking too much. When the snow starts coming down, however, and it quickly turns to ice, shoveling is not just about grabbing a shovel and getting busy. There is additional care that you have to take to make sure that surfaces are safe. Shoveling is a small thing to add to your snow removal services that is not only a great convenience; it can help keep everyone safe.


When it comes to danger, snow can make things slick – but nothing is slicker than ice. You can’t see most patches of ice with the naked eye, which can leave you and the people you love at risk of a slip and fall accident. For the small additional cost, it makes much more sense to hire someone to finish up their plowing with a sprinkle of deicer. By the time you pay to get your own deicer, take the time to pick it up, and then take the time to spread it, you are probably spending a lot. And with all the shortages that we experienced this year, next year might be worse and those with bulk deicer might be the only ones able to get supplies.

Snow Removal

This year we did not get an abundance of snow, but we got lucky. When the snow really starts to accumulate, just pushing it up and piling it is not always a good option. When there are mounds of snow at the end of the driveway or in a parking lot, it can lead to a dangerous situation where motorists can’t see other motorists – or worse, where motorists can’t see pedestrians. When you add snow removal services that actually relocate the snow instead of just push it, you can do a better job keeping everyone safe. Since we got lucky this year, next year will probably not follow the same path.

Having an Advance Plan

As the snow and ice begin to melt, often homeowners will see spots of destruction in their landscaping from where plow vehicles might have done a little off-roading. In the plow operator’s defense, unless there are clear markers outlining the driveway and other paths, there is no way to see them once the snow has fallen. Next year, to ensure that you don’t have any damage, plan ahead when hiring a snow service and ask them to have a preparedness plan and markers to know what is off-limits and to outline boundaries.

As we happily say farewell to the ice and snow, there are some lessons learned that are important to remember so that you don’t repeat them in the future. Now is the time to make a mental note regarding those things that you wish you had done, what you wish the snow service hadn’t, and how you can make things that much easier for the year ahead. Contact Kevins Trees to discuss all of your tree service and snow removal needs throughout the year today!