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Tree Service South Bend

Trees are a natural gift that most homeowners take for granted. They not only provide aesthetic appeal and privacy, they are environmentally friendly and help to stave off the hot summer sun. But if you are taking yours for granted, it might just be a recipe for disaster. Just because they appear self-sustainable, that doesn’t mean that they don’t require a little help from time to time. And if you don’t care for them, they could end up costing you a whole lot in removal costs, or worst-case scenario, they could cause significant damage.

These are just five of the most important reasons to hire tree service South Bend regularly to keep your landscaping healthy.

1. Improve Tree Health

It is imperative to trim trees regularly to eliminate dying or distressed branches and limbs. If you don’t remove limbs that might contain diseases, then you run the risk of it spreading to the rest of the tree. Also, a hanging limb that is left unattended can be a hazard to both your home and any passersby. Having your trees trimmed is an excellent way to keep both your trees and your family safe!

2. Aesthetic Appeal

Trimming is essential to keep your trees aesthetically appealing. When trees aren’t trimmed regularly, they can begin to grow in ways that can offset their balance. And over time, a tree that isn’t pruned and forced to grow evenly won’t look as aesthetically pleasing. So, having regular tree service South Bend trimming is an excellent way to keep your curbside appeal in top- shape.

3. Identify Potential Problems

Spotting diseases and pests on a tree from afar is not easy to do. If you aren’t having your trees inspected and trimmed regularly, there is no way to spot signs of trouble before it becomes serious. And if you let diseases spread, not only will they threaten the life of the tree that is infected, those diseases can spread to other landscaping bushes and trees nearby. By having a tree service check periodically for any signs that a problem is brewing, you can eliminate the potential to have a wide-spread disease in your landscaping that can end up costing you a whole lot!

4. Minimize Storm Damage

If your tree is compromised in any way, then a good storm can become really expensive. By making sure that there aren’t any vulnerable limbs that can succumb to a harsh storm, you can eliminate the risk of a limb falling on your home and doing some severe damage. Regular tree service will also minimize the amount of clean up that you will have after a storm runs through the South Bend area.

5. Improve Your View

Trees are awesome because they aid in the privacy of your home’s setting. But there is nothing awesome about looking out at unruly and overgrown trees. There is a delicate balance to strike when it comes to trees providing shade and overcoming your view. Regular tree service is essential to keeping things looking clean and also to reduce the risk of having nothing to look at but a tree that is out of control and blocking scenic views.

Although trees seem self-sustaining, they do need a little help. To ensure that you are minimizing the potential of damage due to limbs falling and to keep your entire landscaping healthy and free of disease, it is an excellent idea to have a regular tree service South Bend, IN schedule.

Proper maintenance will enhance your home’s curbside appeal and save you from costly landscaping mishaps. Contact Kevin’s Tree today to discuss how we can keep your trees healthy and growing strong with expert tree service South Bend, IN and Michiana trusts!

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